The purpose of this website is to cascade our business management, project management and people management principles and best practices. We aim to achieve this by sharing our knowledge within the pages of this website. Hopefully, we will help to stimulate and encourage your personal development in this important area of expertise.

We are strong believers in continuous improvement and learning; the process of increasing your knowledge in a chosen field of interest, not just to become better at your job, but to become a more rounded person and a team player. As such, over time as our website expands, we intend offering a number of relevant, carefully selected products and services: these will cover more advanced techniques to further expand your knowledge of specific topic areas.

In any type of business, communication is a key ingredient of good and efficient management. As such, we aim to lead by example and present the facts to you in digestible, bite-sized chunks of plain English information. We have a serious message to deliver but aim to present this in a fun and light-hearted manner to prove that learning really can be fun! To help us achieve this approach, we will be introducing you to our very own Business Information Guru – that’s him pictured alongside – but you can call him BIG (not to be confused with STIG) as it rolls more easily off the tongue! Hover your cursor over the picture now…

We are keen to inspire you to embark on some individual learning – which is a terribly formal way of saying – think about what it is you would like to learn in relation to business and simply encourage you to go out there and do it. But don’t forget to also enjoy the journey along the way!

Holanno Ltd are a dedicated provider of bespoke project and programme management services. Please visit the About Us page to find out more – our services are available to hire on a flexible short or longer term contract basis and can be tailored to meet your individual project or programme requirements.

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