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This page is still under construction but here are a selection of resources we have identified that might be of assistance to you:

Business Management (Self-employment):


  • Why not try one of our own additional resource books (see below)?

Project Management:

  • APM – an Association of Project Management.
  • APMG – the official PRINCE2™ website.

Additional Resources

1. Money Saving Tips To Survive On Reduced Company Expenses 

Are you under pressure from the boss to work harder and to spend less?

Discover how to put a smile back on your face with tips that will get you more value for money from your reduced company expenses budget!

If you or any of your colleagues spend time working away from the office, ‘on the road’, then you will really benefit from what Mark O’Hanlon has discovered. He will be teaching you how to:

  1. Stay in ‘posh’ hotels but only pay economy prices;
  2. Get added personal value when staying away (at no extra cost);
  3. Reserve the best table in the restaurant every time, even when eating out on a small budget (your clients will think you are pampering and spending lavishly on them);
  4. Pay less than your competitors but get much more for your money;
  5. Organize your time to improve your work / life balance when working from home;
  6. Read the small print and get the best deal on your company car (or on any car purchase for that matter);
  7. Save a fortune on your motoring fuel bills;
  8. Never get overcharged for anything ever again;
  9. Really strip back your spending but appear to be leading a lavish lifestyle;
  10. And much, much more.

Now let us be clear about something: it cannot be stressed enough that all the tips being shared with you are ethical and will provide a win-win for you and for your boss. We are talking here about practical advice from someone who has not only been there and done it but who has also honed the skills to razor sharp effectiveness! Once you know about them, these systems and techniques are easily put into practice and soon become second nature. In fact you will be amazed by the results you can achieve following a few simple rules.

We cannot overlook the economic threats that are all around us but we can always try to ‘make do’; but why just ‘make do’ when, with a few extra ‘tips’ the author of this book shares with us, we can enjoy the feeling of being valued and pampered without actually over spending our increasingly tight budgets?

The e-book manual, Money Saving Tips To Survive On Reduced Company Expenses, has all the answers you need and much, much more besides! There is even a bonus chapter on how to get motivated and stay motivated when working out and about, whatever your profession.

The book includes completely new material drawn from the author’s 12 years of personal experience working around the UK and Europe. It should have a relevance to you regardless of which country you find yourself working in; quite simply, it teaches you how to cut your monthly expenses bill (and other tricks) by paying less but getting more value for your company’s money.

It’s time for you to ‘get in the know’ and to stop being a spectator. After all, don’t you deserve to feel valued and to enjoy benefiting from a few luxuries thrown in at no extra cost? This book shows you how this can be achieved and without breaking your company’s rule book or budget; it is an essential read for anyone who is entitled to claim company expenses.

Available to purchase now for just £7.26 in a Kindle Edition.